The Solution

Now, let’s take a brief look at how you would solve this IQ Test game. Bear in mind that you could find the solution like when you play Sudoku and can test your intelligence simultaneously.

Instructions to Solve the Test:

1. Start by moving the thief and policeman together across. Then, take only the policeman back.

2. One of the sons and the policeman can cross the river together. The policeman would then bring the thief back.

3. The remaining son and the father can cross next. Then, only the father will return. At this point, the two sons will be across the river by themselves.

4. The mother and father will go across at the same time. Then, the mother will return leaving the two sons and the father on the other side.

5. The thief and policeman will cross together, while the father goes back alone. Now, the thief, the policeman and the two sons will be on the other side.

6. Once again the mother and the father will go across, but the mother will go back alone.

7. One of the daughters and the mother will cross, while the policeman goes back with the thief.

8. The policeman will bring the other daughter across and leave the thief alone. After that, the policeman will return by himself to carry the thief across.

There you have it, the solution for the IQ test.