How to increase intelligence quotient?

Psychologists believe that the level of intelligence can vary depends on various factors. In the seventies was examined IQ group of American college students. A few years later they were asked to again participate in the test. It turned out that for some people changed their IQ by as much as eight points. This means that our level of IQ is not constant throughout life. We can through various exercises influence that the brain worked much more efficiently. Here are some proven ways:

1. You start to eat healthily. For many years, it is known that the possibility of mind are directly related to health. Avoid any kind of sweets, fast foods and other worthless food. The consumption of fish, fruit, nuts and vegetables, can boost brain function.

2. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a neurotoxin, which means that irreversibly destroys brain cells. From a study done in 1997 by U.S. psychologists found that people who abuse alcohol IQ test came out much worse than abstainers. Also, smoking a cigarette very adversely affects the brain, nicotine addiction extremely hinders concentration, which can confirm that almost every smoker.


3. Start playing chess. Among the various social groups chess players excel in IQ tests. Garri Kasparov has a 190 IQ, which makes it one of the smartest people alive today. The game of chess is the most intellectually growing pastime ever invented. Besides that worth is also solve crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles and brain teasers attached to various newspapers.

4. Turn off the TV. Watching television is one of the pleasures that make the mind becomes lazy, because the information coming from television completely absorb passively, without its own thinking. It has been proven in many studies that children who spend a lot of time watching television, later have more difficulty in learning than their peers who watched TV less than an hour a day, or at all.

5. Read many books. People who read at least one book a week gain in IQ tests by an average of four points more than these non. Regardless, whether it be a novel, a popular science book, or guide, contact with the written word have a stimulatory effect on both the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for logical thinking, and to the right - responsible for the imagination.