Brain and learning

We know that our brains absorb information speed 1287 km / hour. This means that the capacity and ability of our brain is amazing. Bill Gates to tell our brain is a sleeping giant. Indeed, we are not been able maximize our brain. For if this information flows smoothly, and then we will more easily understand and learn anything.

First information on our senses can from going through the brain stem called the reptilian brain. This reptilian brain controls the physical world. This means that if the information entered in our brains and our environment to satisfy our reptilian brain, the information would be well received. Just imagine you’re hungry and then eat at the stall that hot, smelly, and many flies. Any good as our food, our reptilian brain would command us to ‘get out from here’.

Second, after the information is satisfactory reptilian brain, the limbic or transmitted to the brain of mammals. This limbic brain controls emotional world. It means we as a recipient of the information must have a stable emotional condition. We are not under stress, depressed, and tense. The condition of our emotions should be positive, and then the mammalian brain will be satisfied. Examples of ease, as the students leave early to school with a cheerful, can support from parents, pr already done. It had to follow the lessons in class, usually smooth.

Alfred Binet

Third, having escaped the limbic brain, then the information will get into the brain called the neo cortex. Neo cortex is the thinker. That is as difficult as any information received, if satisfactory reptilian brain, the brain satisfactory, then the neo cortex would have great potential to analyze the information that was difficult.

So it can be concluded, if we as students receive information about dizzying formulas will be easy for us to understand the math, when the reptilian brain and limbic brain satisfied.

So there are three keywords that are important to help us learn, that is comfortable environment, positive emotion, and thinking ability.