Do you have some free time on your hands and want to find something to stimulate your brain? If yes, the Japanese IQ Test is a good game to consider.

An IQ test or intelligence test is actually an examination of one’s short-term memory, spatial visualization, verbal knowledge, and perceptual speed. Many IQ tests cover these areas and they are always done in a certain amount of time. You could do a number of things to increase your IQ, such as reading, doing puzzles and even playing games. The Japanese-based IQ test game is very popular right now.

About the Japanese IQ test

This IQ Test, “Everybody has to cross the river”, is really an online flash game in which the player is required to move a father and mother, along with two sons and two daughters, one policeman and one thief on a raft to cross a river. Of all these people, only the policeman and parents know about operating the raft and it is only built to hold two individuals at a time. While doing this test, the two sons cannot be left with the mother alone, the daughters cannot be left with father, and of course, the criminal has to stay in the presence of the policeman at all times. The goal is to get everyone to one section of the river onto the other side using the raft. Where it gets complex is in the added set of rules about the persons who can stay on the river banks.

Japanese IQ Test

It is said that a Japanese company designed this test specifically to assess the IQ of all potential employees. This is especially true in the IT field in Japan where it is used by the companies when hiring people. Even though the test is challenging, one cannot help but wonder if this is just another urban legend or maybe another brain teaser that someone made up.

You should really give this free IQ test a try if you are feeling smart. It is a version of the classic puzzles called River Crossing, but probably one of the most challenging that you will ever come across. Based on the feedback from others, it is said that a person of normal intelligence can solve it in fifteen minutes.

How to Start the Test

When you are ready to start, you can click on the button below and then on the blue circle. After that, you would focus on how to get the people on as well as off the raft, plus how to get the raft going. For this, you just have to click on the persons you want to cross on the raft. Once this is done, you would click on the lever beside the raft in order to move it cross the river.

Start Test

The following are rules which apply:

  • The raft can take only two persons at the same time.
  • The father cannot stay with any of the daughters without the presence of the mother.
  • The mother cannot stay with any of the sons without the presence of the father.
  • The thief (with striped shirt) cannot stay with any family member without the presence of the policeman.
  • The raft can only be operated by the policeman, the father and the mother.

Now get ready to play the game to test out your intelligence and have a good time. A good recommendation is to measure the time from start to finish. You want to use your time properly and see how your score will measure up to the others. If you can’t solve it check out the Japanese IQ test solution. Feel free to share this IQ test and your time with your family and friends.